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I'm Fiona Thornton (Into Nutrition), a nutrition and health coach.

I want to work with YOU to help you achieve your optimum health and lifestyle through better nutrition and coaching.

I have a diploma in Nutrition through the Blackford Centre for Nutrition (UK),

Into Nutrition -

What my clients say;

"I loved the programme. The best support ever."

"I have more energy and less cravings."

"I can easily eat like this for the rest of my life."

"I really learnt a lot about how much sugar I consume and what foods I should rather be eating but at the same time I never really felt deprived of anything"

“I would like to thank you for introducing me to the Zest for Life low GL lifestyle. I couldn't understand at first when you first said it wasn't a diet but a lifestyle. I soon learnt that the programme is geared towards helping the "whole person" to transform their life. It not only involves taking charge of what one eats but balancing one's life in a way that enhances healthy living habits. I have not only managed to attain my ideal weight but I've also managed to get my family thinking differently about food. We eat differently now I believe we are enjoying what we eat more because we know the benefits of making that change. My hubby doesn't live with me but has amazingly latched onto the lifestyle and enjoying a more energetic  and guilt free diet. I am also enjoying the positive remarks on how well I look. This is the best reason I have ever had to go shopping for new clothes!

Thanks again Fiona, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't felt the difference it has made in my life. “

- Lindie
Into Nutrition -

"Thank you Fiona for your continued support. I find myself making better choices on a daily basis thanks to you. You made me realise how badly I was eating. Even though I knew most of what you were telling me, it has been wonderful to be re-educated. I appreciate all your help and support which you continue to provide."

- Tina
Into Nutrition -

"Thanks Fiona for all your help I am really feeling the benefits of a good nutritional diet."

- Kirsty

Into Nutrition -
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